Why exhibit at a virtual trade show?

How is this different than Faire.com?

Why attend a virtual trade show? What will make buyers / visitors stock around? How can attendees network with each other?

How can I present my products to everyone who attends the show?

How do I know who visited my virtual booth?

How are you going to promote the show and get buyers to attend?

Is this a wholesale show or a retail show?

Can you compare this experience with other online shows?

Two main differences between physical shows and virtual shows are the ability to interact with visitors to my booth or showroom, and being able to actually write orders. How do you overcome this?

How much does it cost and what’s included? Why are you charging monthly instead of just a one-time cost to exhibit at the show much like temps? What happens when live trade shows pick up again?

What happens when the show is over?

Can I update my information myself and how often?

How can I place an ad on the virtual mart site?

Why are you having a conference associated with the trade show?

What if I don’t have my own online store – how do I write orders virtually?

What makes WebStores Ltd the right one to put this together?

What about other shows?

Where is this floor plan located? Can you add other booths?