Exhibitor Agreement

1. RULES & REGULATIONS – The following rules and regulations are part of the Exhibitor’s Agreement and each Exhibitor shall be bound by such rules and regulations
set forth herein and by any such amendments or additional rules and regulations which may be established by Krayton LLC dba The Small Ship Cruising Expo (Event).
2. EXHIBITS – Krayton LLC reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in Exhibition space and may reject its inclusion at its sole
discretion. Lotteries, drawings, guessing games or prize contests of any kind sponsored by individual Exhibitors are subject to Krayton LLC approval and scheduling.
Display material must be confined to the individual Exhibitors own table area. No placard, stickers, or other signs relating to non paid Exhibiting firms will be allowed in
individual Exhibits or anywhere else in the show Venue. No horns, bells, alarms, or flashing lights will be permitted to be operated. No amplifiers, television receivers or
loudspeakers may be operated in the individual Exhibits except with the signed approval of Krayton LLC. No advertising or printed material, which in Krayton LLC’s opinion
is undignified or otherwise objectionable, shall be distributed. Exhibitors have the right to distribute brochures and other printed matter approved by Krayton LLC, only from
the space occupied by them and no other way. The Exhibitor agrees that its Exhibit shall be admitted and shall remain solely on strict compliance with these “Rules and
Regulations” and any other rules communicated by Krayton LLC to the Exhibitor. Krayton LLC reserves the right to reject, eject or prohibit any Exhibit in whole or part, or
the Exhibitor or his representative, with or without giving cause. If the Exhibitor is ejected by Krayton LLC, there shall be no return of any amount paid by the Exhibitor.
3. PAYMENT OF SPACE – No Exhibit will be permitted to be placed in the Exhibition space until full payment has been made.
4. SHARING OF EXHIBIT – No Exhibitor shall assign or sublet the whole or part of the space allotted or Exhibit therein, any programs or services other than those specified
in this Agreement for Exhibit space unless such is pre-approved in writing by Krayton LLC.
5. SALE OF MERCHANDISE – There will be no sales of merchandise or services at this Event.
6. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – The Exhibitor agrees to hold the Event Venue, Krayton LLC dba the Small Ship Cruising Expo harmless and blameless and will make no
claim for any reason whatsoever, including negligence, against Event Venue, Krayton LLC dba the Small Ship Cruising Expo, its officers, agents, employees, or the lessors
or owners of the Event Venue for loss, theft, damage or destruction of property, nor for any injury to it or its employees, agents, or invitees while in the Event Venue. Each
Exhibitor shall purchase its own insurance coverage sufficient to insure against any possible loss or liability. This insurance shall name Krayton LLC as an additional
7. CARE AND STAFFING OF EXHIBITS – All coverings of Exhibits must be removed and Exhibitor staff must be on duty not later than one (1) hour PRIOR to the published
opening hours of the Event. Conversely, Exhibitor staff MUST remain at the Event until closing to the public.
8. DEFAULT IN OCCUPANCY – Any Exhibitor failing to occupy space Agreed for is not relieved of the obligation of paying the full rental of such space as provided for in the
signed Agreement. If not occupied, such space may be possessed by Krayton LLC for such purposes as it may see fit, in which case, the Exhibitor shall pay full fees for
such space. Failure of enforcement of any provision hereof by Krayton LLC shall not be deemed as a waiver with respect to such provision after demand by Krayton LLC
for strict performance of this Agreement.
9. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS- – Exhibitors shall not engage in any display, publication, performance, or other activity which is in conflict with any applicable law,
regulation, rule or ordinance, nor shall Exhibitor, or its representatives or employees, engage in any lewd display, publication or performance. Exhibitor will be responsible
for obtaining all necessary governmental permits and licenses if needed. Exhibitor shall comply with any rules promulgated by the owners or manager of the Event Venue.
10. NO GUARANTEE OF ATTENDANCE – Krayton LLC does not guarantee specific volumes or levels of attendance at the Event. Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any
refund, in full or in part, of any amounts paid based on actual attendance level.
11. FIRE AND SAFETY LAWS – Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all Federal, State and City laws. Wiring must comply with fire department and underwriter’s
rules. Smoking in Exhibits is forbidden. Exhibitors will not be allowed to create any distraction that creates excessive crowding near their Table. No Exhibitor shall bring into
the facility any combustibles. All decorations must be flame proof, and an affidavit including such flame-proofing must be available for inspection by Fire Department
12. TEAR DOWN – NO DISPLAYS ARE TO BE DISMANTLED PRIOR TO THE END OF THE Event. You will have 1 hour after the Expo to pack up and remove your
displays. Exhibitor is responsible for clearing their Exhibit space of all items. Items left behind will be thrown away.
13. LABOR – The Exhibitor must comply with labor law where applicable and provide workers compensation coverage where applicable, all at its sole expense.
14. INSURANCE – Fire, loss theft, and personal liability insurance, must be procured by the Exhibitor at its own expense and Krayton LLC must be named as an additional
insured. Krayton LLC is not responsible for any loss due to fire, theft, or personal liability of the Exhibitor.
15. ATTENDANCE – Krayton LLC shall have sole control over attendance policies at all times.
16. RESCHEDULING OF EVENT POLICY-Certain Events can pre-empt an Event. Krayton LLC may reschedule an Event. If an Event is rescheduled all Agreements and
payments are binding to the rescheduled date. If the Exhibit is not held within five years of the original dates all Exhibit fees will be returned subject to Section 18 below.
17. CANCELLATION OF EXHIBIT SPACE – In the Event of cancellation by the Exhibitor, no Exhibit space or other fees will be refundable.
18. ACTS OF GOD, FIRE, STRIKES, TERRORISM, ETC. – In the Event that any outside cause such as war, in or outside the United States of America, fires, strike,
terrorism or Acts of God such as: earthquakes, or other emergency prevents the Event from being held, Krayton LLC may retain such part of Exhibitor’s rental as shall be
required to compensate Krayton LLC for expenses incurred up to the time such contingency shall have occurred.
19. AMENDMENT TO RULES – Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by the preceding Rules and Regulations shall be decided solely by Krayton LLC.
These Standards may be amended at any time by Krayton LLC without notice and all amendments so made shall be binding on the Exhibitor.

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